Don’t Get Scammed


Beware of deceptive door-to-door alarm sales

Spring and summer bring warmer weather, longer days and welcomed respite from the dreary days of winter. It’s also the time of year for door-to-door alarm sales or door-knocker campaigns. That’s when companies from other regions and even other states descend upon neighborhoods knocking on doors and bringing with them fraudulent and deceptive sales tactics.

Door-to-door sales campaigns can be done ethically and professionally. But Electronic Installations wants you to be aware of some of the scams and bad practices that often arrive when college students and door-to-door sales reps take to the streets in an attempt to get you to switch your alarm system provider or monitoring company.

At Electronic Installations, we believe in conducting the sales, installation and monitoring of alarm and integrated systems solutions in the most professional manner. We are a member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and follow its Code of Ethical Conduct. All Electronic Installations employees undergo background checks and fingerprinting. Employees also carry identification cards and we will never visit your home without contacting you first for an appointment.

It’s important to be aware of some of the aggressive tactics unprofessional and often unlicensed security companies practice. They may say they are with alarm companies or with equipment manufacturers. Deceptive practices range from false statements saying we have gone out of business or they are in the area to upgrade obsolete equipment. In another example, a door knocker said the customer’s yard sign was outdated and potential burglars could use info on the back of the sign to defeat the alarm system and gain entry. They may also promise extra security protection at escalated costs for what’s really traditional monitoring–in an effort to get you to switch monitoring providers.

Here are 4 simple steps you can take if these solicitors arrive on your doorstep:

  1. Ask for photo identification and/or a business card as well as a permit for door-to-door sales, often required by local municipalities.
  2. Call Electronic Installations at (763) 425-8850 immediately; don’t let anyone into your home!
  3. Don’t be pressured into new equipment or signing a contract.
  4. Request literature be left behind so you can study it and for potential follow up with the Better Business Bureau, city to check for licenses, or even police authorities if necessary. (We regularly council customers on who to call at the City to ensure the sales reps are following local law including applying for a personal door to door permit for each sales reps). A business card with a name or a photo of their company ID card is helpful too.

Remember to contact Electronic Installations if you have any issues with your current system and to verify scheduled appointments with technicians. We want to make sure you are always safe and secure at home.