Security Monitoring: Leave it to the Professionals


Central station services critical component

It’s all about the smartphone today. We use it for everyday tasks as well as to initiate convenience functions and automate the home. It’s become our computer of choice as we navigate the world in which we work and play.

Electronic Installations offers a smartphone application you can use to access your system anywhere there is an Internet connection. We can also send you notifications via text or email when the alarm is armed or disarmed so you know the status at all times. We offer all the latest functionalities including intrusion detection, video surveillance, energy management, lighting controls and other easy-to-deploy services.

A common use for the smartphone and video surveillance cameras allows you to look in on your home or office, perhaps to see a pet while you are away or keep track of latchkey children or even employee activity. That’s a great convenience function, but it’s not the end-all and be-all to your security system: professional central station monitoring should be a part of every specification.

Peace of mind when an event occurs

Central station monitoring is critical in the event of a break in or alert based on water detection or other occurrence, with dispatchers at the ready 24/7 who are specially trained to ascertain the situation and relay calls immediately to police, fire or paramedics. They know what to do in many different scenarios and calmly initiate procedures and protocols in reaction to whatever situation comes their way.

Electronic Installations uses only the highest accredited central station monitoring center to serve our customers. The central station is Underwriters Laboratories and Central Station Alarm Association listed, with its focus on timely response and delivering the highest quality services to customers. The central station is redundant, which means your account has back up in the event of a disaster or other event – keeping you covered. So while mobile apps are perfect for additional peace of mind and convenience in the busy world in which we live, it’s even more important to contract monthly monitoring of your home and business account.

For those customers who already have our professional monitoring services, make sure your responsible party call list is up to date so we have the right person to follow up with in the event of an alert or alarm. Contact us today to learn more.