Want Mobility & Convenience?


Think security

Intrusion detection is still one of the most critical core functions of security. Maybe you haven’t heard, but it’s become quite mobile, easy to program and simple to use. Security continues to change dramatically, now leveraging the cloud and other real-time location technologies to get all the information you need delivered to you quickly and seamlessly.

Electronic Installations, Inc exists to provide customers the best experience possible from all their systems solutions and integrated technologies. We keep up to date on the latest trending and proven technologies that can keep your facility better protected. Now, security and intrusion detection has morphed into a true convenience application that gives new connectivity, insights and data.

There’s an app for that!

You can control everything from your smartphone, or, if you prefer, devices such as your Apple or other connected watch, tablet or desktop. Have it your way and start using some of the functionality available for security – such as remote connectivity for system permission scheduling and changes; arming and disarming; receiving video clips; as well as email and text message alerts of system exceptions or other activity. This fingertip control is available 24/7 so you can keep your business safe and secure and provide access when you are away during weekends or holidays.

Here are more cool things that come from security today:

  • Find out the immediate status of your system and which sensors, detectors and locations, such as windows and doors, are armed or disarmed. One click, and your system is online; or off line in an instant.
  • Get detailed history reports piped straight to your preferred device and find out who entered and when, as well as when the system was accessed remotely and the exact moment systems were set or disarmed.
  • See real-time video clips of employees coming into the offices, especially helpful during off hours.
  • Connect to other automation functions, to control temperature and lighting and administer energy management practices to save you money.

We know you have choices, but there IS a big difference in security providers. Others can install equipment, but will they be there for you every step of the way as your needs change or you need someone you can contact directly? We base our business on providing an exceptional customer experience and complete satisfaction. Contact us today to learn what we can do to make your security more convenient and comprehensive.